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Adventures and fun with windows XP

I finally decided that maybe XP Pro would run decently on a 1.6ghz P4 with 256 mb RAM, and it does. Barely.

Then the fun began. Why must XP make every-single-fucking-thing so hard to do?
In Windows 2000 most things just take a few clicks, or if you're lucky a single command line invocation.
In XP you have to wade through wizard after wizard which doesn't produce the desired results. Or, you can try to find the hidden things which aren't immediately obvious.
Example: I want my pc's to automatically login when I turn them on. In Win2K you do this by going to users in the control panel and enable it.
In XP Pro, however, you have to know the secret bloody command which brings up the same box you get in Win2K. But is this documented anywhere? Is it fuck. I wouldn't be surprised if the only way to get this info is if you build an altar out of (Original) windows cds and then sacrifice a few Linux distro cds to The Beast of Redmond™
Grrrr, and don't even get me started on sharing directories in a civilised manner as opposed to the cack handed way XP wants me to do it.

Screw this, I'm going out to get drunk now.

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