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I'm relaxed and in Brighton.
Currently thinking of having a drive up the coast and go to the gym on the way back.

We've been watching Charmed (Well, I've been surfing, reading LJ and so on).
This episode is about how the world has always been sort of split into an evil world and a good world (ours) and they have been in existence next to each other in a sort of yin/yang way.
It kinda annoys me that the good witches are wearing pastels and the 'evil' witches are wearing all black and looks pretty damn hot...
It also really annoys me that they assume that our world is the good world. Personally I would've thought it's the other way around.

It does make me curious about one thing. If good on our world is evil on that world and vice versa, what would British and American foreign policy be like inn that other world. It would be an interesting thought experiment to muse on what might be happening.
Are we helping countries instead of bombing them?
Helping the 3rd world out of poverty instead of keeping it down...

And another thing...
The ads are bloody awful. Almost every ad is for loan agencies trying to lend you money or 're-structuring' your debt.
No wonder there is such a high level of debt in this country...
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