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Star Craft Progess report

My life is seriously boring at the moment, so here's a report on my gameplaying.
My housemate and myself have manage to win the Big Game Hunters map playing against 6 computers. And it only took us about 10000 re-tries, and we had to cheat a little by agreeing to starting at specific locations so we could work together effectively.

For those interested, I can report that Zerg/Protoss is a very good defensive combination although Zerg/Terran is probably better.,
Loads of sunken colonies backed up by Zealots/zerglings who can run out and kill siege tanks is highly effective, although I find that Sunken Colonies/Siege Tanks/Zerglings is an even better combination. Later when you have the time/resources you can then augment those defences with lurkers. Damn near unbeatable.

In the end it was just a clean-up maneuvre after I had pulled off a sneaky zergling drop which nearly took out the main comp Terran.
Good fun though, and just what Felix (the housemate) needed after a long day of studying.

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