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The plague is here...

Teen faces jail for stealing neighbours wi-fi...
Damn, there are still people out there without secure wi-fi? Silly people...

In other news, I'm flying back to Denmark tonight and returning tomorrow quite late.
I'll be staying with one of my friends I grew up with and got some rather shocking news.
When I told him that my father died recently he reported that two of my other friends from my teenage years also recently lost their dads.

All three deaths were caused by smoking...
That's almost kinda scary, especially since none of them were particularly old (Late 50s to early 60s).
Certainly makes me happy I quit a bit over two years ago.

Anyway, I am finally almost fully recovered from my recent disease. That's three weeks of bloody illness >_<
It started mid October with a bit of a cold and a cough.
A week later it had turned into a pounding headache that lasted about 5 days or so. And it never stopped. About half an hour after waking up it would start and it wouldn't stop until I finally fell asleep.
And no, painkillers didn't help.
I then managed to get conjunctivitis the last Sunday in October which was also when the constant head-ache finally abated and was swapped out with a fever.
A few sweaty, feverish and hallucinating days later where I was in pain whenever I moved, opened my eyes or heard any sound I finally managed to summon the strength to go to see a medical professional.
I have never been so ill before and hope I never will again...

It took another week or so for the conjunctivitis to go away, but it is finally pretty much gone. nearly a month after I first got the cold/cough that set all of this off.
It was not a good few weeks for me >_
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