Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Well, I'm impressed...

I tried to watch Aeon Flux but gave up after 30 minutes.
The acting was beyond atrocious (It made Keanu Reeves' acting look good) and the dialogue seemed to have been written by a 5 year old...
Truly a strong ontender for the 'Worst Movie of 2005' award
0 out of 5 stars....

I naively thought 'Well, surely Underworld: Evolution can't be as bad...'
Oh how foolish of me. Again, what a crap movie with absolutely no redeeming features what so ever.
I managed about 40 minutes before I turned it off.
0 out of 5 stars...

So my attempt at relaxing with a halfway decent movie after studying failed miserably...

Oh well, at least I can relax with damned good book before bedtime :)
Tags: movies
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