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Quick update...

I haven't been re-assigned yet.
I expect to be sent to one of the worlds largest banking corporations for an interview soonish, but that could change. Naturally :]
Coming up to x-mas all the banks have change freezes and since it's a project team I'd be joining, I would probably only be there for a week before everyone is sent back to HQ and told to come back in the beginning of January when the change freeze is over...

So, until then I'm studying.

I've just spent a few hours reeading about public folders and swearing at the authors of the MS Press study book for being idiots.
So many of the examples they come up with would have been more efficiently dealt with by creating a shared mailbox rather than a PF.
And the questions/problems at the end of each section would be better resolved by user education and process change than by using PFs.
It's also amusing that the chapter sings Public Folders' praises and yet Microsoft are getting rid of them in new versions of Exchange (2007 or 2012 I can't remember...)

Currently reading about virtual servers.
Riveting stuff...
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