Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Wow, i actually had something interesting to do yesterday for nearly two hours.
Of course, if I had remembered a little utility called psexec.exe I would have done it in 10 minutes instead...

Basically, I had to automate updating the registry on 30 or so servers tonight.
The update was a registry file that needed to be imported.
Aha, easy peasy I thought... rcmd.exe can do that.
But alas, rcmdsvc.exe isn't installed on the servers...

Not a problem I thought, I can work around that...
Nothing a little script to install rcmdsvc on each of the servers, launch it, import the registry file, kill rcmdsvc and then remove it again can't handle.
Easy. Nothing to it...
After boxing with this for a little while a kind chap over at the Microsoft Newsgroups asked why I didn't just use psexec.exe to accomplish this...
'Hmm' I thought, what a splendid idea.
10 minutes later...
A couple of shiny batchfiles to sort the problem.
About as elegant as an elephant, but it'll do for now.
Later I'll see about making something a bit prettier to do this.
Especially since this will have to be done again at some point.
Tags: werk

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