Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

So tired...

So, busy busy busy busy...
Definitely not bored anymore.

Even if I wasn't too busy to read LJ, this client is quite strict about
using the internet for personal use so reading LJ at work is quite rare.
And since I tend to only have an hour or two at home before bed time I
tend to skim read.
So anything you've posted in the past month that's been longer than
about a paragraph will probably not have been read by me. Sorry :)
Let me know via e-mail if there's anything important I should know.
Bearing in mind that I'm utterly rubbish at replying to e-mail for the
same reasons.
Ho hum.

Went on C
ourse M2433A
last week which was quite good.
It could have done with being a day longer and having the participants
write scripts which would help them in the real world, but for what it
was, it was quite good.
After this I then raided my Amazon Wishlist for scripting books I think
would be useful.
And since I'm currently desperately trying to do stuff which is well
more advanced than I would like it to be I need all the help I can

But it's good and it keeps the job interesting.

So, yeah, trying to learn stuff at work while trying to study for 70-216 at
Oh joy, my brain is seriously turning into mush...

When did waistcoats go out of fashion?
I've been trying to find one in virtually every men's clothes shop I've
been past, but they just seem non-existent these days...

And naturally it's the same with three piece suits for men...
If anyone sees either a waistcoat or three piece suit anywhere, please
feel free to let me know.

Yawn, back to work...


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