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Moving and training...

cyberglamour and I are going to the estate agent tonight to sign our new contract. YAY!
I have also booked a Van Man to come and get all my stuff from my current abode to the new house.
Friday 27th we'll be going around the house to take pictures and check the inventory and Saturday 28th we'll have the big moving day...

As I need a new bed, I'm looking at Tesco.com and IKEA.co.uk for something reasonably nice.
The budget is around £120 +/- what ever it takes to get a nice bed...
And a new chair.
I need a decent chair so I can be comfortable when I compute in my new den.

I had my first kickboxing lesson last night.
It was jolly good fun, but damn my feet ache now. All the training is done barefoot, and I nearly got blisters.
I definitely need to work on my flexibility, speed and the hardness of the skin on my feet.
The trainer seemed to pick up that I would quite like to start sparring as soon as she feels I'm good enough and said she'll bring in the gear I need for that next week.
Between full-contact Jiu Jitsu in Denmark and viking re-enactment here a few more bruises won't matter.
Old habits die hard though, I kept trying to kick with my back leg as that's how it's done in Jiu Jitsu but in kick boxing it's the leading leg that kicks.
Similar to the problem I had when I was doing Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu at the same time in Denmark.
With Jiu Jitsu you step towards an attacker so you can throw him or lock him but in Tae Kwon Do you step away so you can kick them.
Good fun and very energising.
If anyone is interested, have a look at kbfitness.co.uk...

Wacken is all sorted out.
Flights booked (Early flight from Stansted to Hamburg 01/08).
People who kept saying that they will book their tickets eventually have been bullied into getting that sorted.
Although I believe Mr warlockuk and Miss avaragariel still need to get theirs sorted...?
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