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To Tame The Beast

Wooo, I finally passed The Beast...
Admittedly, my passing score was embarrasingly low but hey, a pass is a pass.
And no, I'm not going to tell anyone what the score was. Go take the exam and I'll say whether it was higher or lower than your score when I see the score card ;-)

Obviously that meant I had to reward myself with some goodies from Amazon, so I should be receiving a new monitor and a NAS box soon ^_^

This also means that I can now leave the world of Windows 2000 behind as I have taken all the relevant exams I need for that OS.
I can now concentrate on Windows 2003 and get those certifications out of the way. I will take no small amount of pleasure in deleting all the Virtualised Win 2K images of my machines and replacing them with Win2k3 images.
Mmmmm, shiny...
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