Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

237 days to go...

So, I haven't really shown this journal much love recently...
That will most likely continue ^_^

I've been working crazy hours lately and being on-call is nobody's friend when it comes to sleep. But then again, who needs more than 30 minutes of sleep a night anyway?
Sleep is overrated.

I thought about getting an iPhone. It's probably the most gorgeously designed piece of technology I've ever seen.
But it's not 3G :'(
Never mind, maybe next year when a new one comes out.

I finally got around to buying a 3G card for my work laptop. It'll be nice not to have to worry about an internet connection when I'm out and about.
Especially since I'm on call over the new years period.
Oh yes... From 23/12 to 06/01 I'll be on call. Soooo, whatever I'm doing on NYE it'll be with some level of restraint...

Ho-hum, work is going well. I was only meant to be with The Royal Bank of Scotland until late October/early November but I'm still here...
I guess I must be doing something right even though I still feel like an absolute cowboy.
So far I'm really enjoying the role (And the OT+On-call). Exchange 2007 is a hyooooooge beast and very different from 2003 to administer.
It almost seems to be as big a step forwards from 2003 as 2003 was from 5.5.
It's hard work, but I hope to get to stay here a while even though I'm guessing it'll be curtain call time in January.

Still living in Camden and definitely staying.

And being a bit of a fanboy, I got the signed edition of Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch.
Now to actually make Sunday lunch...

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