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Glory & Victory and Fail & Despair

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning has been postponed to Autumn 2008 D:
Much woe, wailing and gnashing of teeth...

I've been looking forwards to this game since, well, since before it was even announced...
All the way back in 1998 when Ultima Oncrack/Evercrack/whatever came out I knew that one day, one day, the world of Warhammer would become available.
I'm sure digitalangel remembers how I was drooling over the teaser trailer in spring '06 before details of the game came out.
And oh, how tantalizingly close it is now...

I have booked all my important holidays and I should have enough left to take a week off when W:AR is finally released.

And of course there will be a Collectors Edition, oh yes, there will be...
I've pre-ordered two on-line and I'll be going to a couple of shops to pre-order as well so I can be reasonably sure that I'll get at least one.

Anyway, in slightly happier news, I finally dinged 70.
After 20 days actual time played.
So, now I can do all the cool end-game stuff ^_^ Such as grinding out 10k gold so I can buy some flying mounts. Yay /wrists
Well, at least until Warhammer: Age of Reckoning comes out and steals me away from WoW...
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