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WTF? Sky is hijacking my e-mail?

As if Sky wasn't already the worst ISP I've ever had the mis-fortune of signing up with, they have now hijacked my e-mail!

No seriously. No wonder a few people was wondering why I wasn't replying to e-mail.

So, when you send e-mail, your message goes to a server that sends it on to it's destination.
An e-mail will normally contain:
Your message
Who sent it
Who it's being sent to
Where replies should be sent

It's the last bit where Sky has decided that all e-mail should be sent to them regardless of where you want it sent to!
Obviously I would rather it gets sent to the e-mail address I've been using for the past 8 years rather than their shitty Gmail mailbox!

If all the other trouble I've had with Sky wasn't enough (They don't keep promises, they lie outright, connections will sometimes drop), they now do this without telling anyone that they've done it.

So, once again, if I haven't mentioned it before, don't choose SKY as your ISP!

On a brighter note, I may have found a new place to live at the end of Inverness Street...

Oh yeah, and which ISP would you recommend?
I will be needing one with no download limits and preferably 20mb+ speed...
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