Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Amphi 2008...

So, Amphi was as great as expected :)

Lots of pictures are up and ready for your viewing pleasure...

I am a bit disappointed in the youth of today though...
I'm not going to name any names, but I got a text from someone in his early 20s, in response to find him & co. saying that he had wandered off to have energy for the next days bands.
and this was before 23:00 O.o
Needless to say someone nearly 20 years his senior started laughing at him and proceeded to party till late, and I, who is nearly a decade older, also partied the night away.
Terribly disappointing...

And you know who you are... ^_^

Anyway, the bands were great.
Grendel is still getting used to playing without distortion and it was noticeable, but still a great set.
Rotersand rocked as always.
Die Krupps were fantastic although I didn't see as much of their show as I would've liked...

Roll on Wacken in less than a week...
Tags: amphi, festivals, germany

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