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Crackhammer 40k geekery...

Ok, so some time ago I finally took up Warhammer 40000 again.
I've posted a few pictures on Facebook of my army and of the match where I remembered to bring a camera...

It is nerddom to the fullest ^_^

So far I have:
1x Captain
1x Runepriest
1x Dreadnought
2x Terminator Wolfguards
5x "Normal terminators"
5x Long Fangs (Devastator Squad, Heavy Weapons unit)
20xGrey Hunters (Tactical Squad)
20xBloodclaws (Assault Squad, Close Combat unit)
5x Scouts with sniper Rifles
1x Landspeeder
2x Whirlwinds
2x Bikes
1x Predator

Now I just need to get them all painted :-D

Anyone else on my F-List that plays and fancy a match?
Tags: crackhammer 40k

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