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Mmmm, gym stuff...

So, I recently wrote about how I've been hitting the gym twice a day Monday - Friday and Saturday/Sunday every other weekend.
This is obviously pretty insane and should not be attempted by anyone with a modicum of common sense.

I've been losing fat the right places *and* adding muscle in good places.
I think despina said it best when she said that I am much more compact than I was a few months ago.

So, how have I managed to do this for a month and a half without breaking myself?

1) Eat like it's going out of fashion...
2) Get enough rest
3) Eat for heaven's sake, eat...
4) Don't overdo it (Ironic, I know)
5) Enjoy working out (Well, duh...)
6) Eat more! Eat Often! Eat Well!

In no particular order:

2) Get enough rest

I'm rubbish at going to bed early, but I've been doing much better than I used to and usually get 5-7 hours sleep per night. 7-8 would be better, but the chances of that happening are slim to none...

Working in IT, my job is (Unfortunately?) very sedentary, so I consider that 'rest' as well...

4) Don't overdo it
Ok, so I clearly am. I know...
So I listen to my bode very carefully and occasionally skip a session here and there.
And if I skip a session in favour of something else I try not to feel bad about it.

5) Enjoy working out
If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't be doing it.
If you're looking to get exercise and be healthy it's important to find some form of exercise that you enjoy doing. Otherwise you'll just stop doing it...
Personally I love shifting heavy weights and the soreness in my muscles after a good gym session.

1, 3 & 6) Eating...
Mmmmm, food... God I love eating...
And that is very essential considering how much you need to eat to keep such a dangerously hard routine going.
I'll do a post later about what I eat, but my feeding schedule is something like this:
08:00 1st breakfast
10:30 2nd breakfast
12:00 Gym followed by lunch around 13:00
16:00 Late lunch
18:30 Proteing shake and sometimes a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut or hazelnut butter
20:00-21:00 Post gym snack/meal
23:00-00:00 Good night snack

If I have the time/inclination I sometimes sneak in a Protein shake first thing in the morning and/or last thing before bed...

When I get time I'll do a post about what it is I eat to fuel this monstrous routine.
One thing I need to do is to eat more on weekends. It's happened a bit too frequently that I don't have as much energy as I should have on Mondays due to not eating enough on the previous Sunday...

Just thought I'd share :-)
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