Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy


ok, so what fuels this insane workout routine I'm currently putting myself through?

As I wrote in my previous entry, I try to have 6-8 meals a day.
Unless specified differently, all pasta/rice/bread is wholemeal/brown...

1st Breakfast (08:00):
200mg Caffeine + 5g Arginine and one of the following:
1 or 2 bananas or 1 or 2 eggs on 1 slice of toast or 50g pasta with anchovies or chicken (Sometimes with neither) or 100g turkey with scrambled eggs.

2nd Breakfast (10:00-10:30):
200mg Caffeine with 25g Bran Flakes + 25g Oats with semi-skimmed milk. I would prefer skimmed milk but I use the milk at work and can't be bothered to bring my own ^_^
Sometimes, but rarely, I'll have some mixed fruit here instead or in addition to this feeding...

1st Lunch (13:00)
50-75g pasta with anchovies or chicken or Chilli Con Carne with rice or Pasta with Bolognese sauce.
If I forget to prepare lunch I'll usually have a bagel with houmous and some fruit/nuts.

2nd lunch (16:00)
Same as 1st lunch ^_^

Pre-gym snack (17:30-18:00)
Usually an apple or a banana

Post gym meal (21:00)
This one really depend on what I have in my fridge/freezer, but will usually be one of the following:
Bacon butty or beef burger in a bagel or quinoa and mackerel or 125g turkey with scrambled eggs or stir fried pork with veggies or tuna on toast or white baguette with cheese or something from the lunch time menu ^_^
There may be a few other things I can't think of now...

Pre-sleep snack (00:00):
Usually something quite small and rich in protein:
Small steak or an egg or two or a bit of turkey with egg or anchovies on toast or some bacon on toast.

This is of course all very delicious and sometimes if I feel like it I'll add in some extra fruit here and there or a bit of chicken.
If I feel hungry, I eat...

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