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Hey, Viking guy

The noble Space Wolves vs the foul Eldar of Ulthwé craftworld

SW Forces:
VenDread - CCW/TL-Autocannon, 4xWolf Scouts, 3xWhirlwinds, 10xGrey hunters, 9xGrey Hunters+Wolf Guard Pack Leader/Rhino, 9xBlood Claws + Wolf Priest/Rhino, 2xLand speeders - 2xHeavy Bolter, Land speeder - MultiMelta, 7xBlood Claw Bikers + Wolf Guard Pack Leader + Wolf Guard Battle Leader.

Foul xenos forces:
3xWar Walkers, 10xDire Avengers/Wave Serpent, 10xDire Avengers/Wave Serpent, 10xDire Avengers/Wave Serpent, 3xDark Reapers, 10xWarp spiders, Eldrad Ulthran, 5x Path finders, D-Cannons and crew.

All descriptions are left to right.

Setting up:
SPace Wolvest: Grey Hunters cleverly taing cover, Dreadnought, LSMM, Whirlwinds with great view of the field, 1st Rhino with GH/WGPL, 2nd Rhino with BC/WP, 2xLSHB and then Biker.
Eldar Setup: 2xWave Serpents cowardly hiding from the Emperors justice, Warp Spiders and D-Cannons behind trees, Path finders behind a bush and far right corner, Eldrad, Dark reapers Warwalkers and Wave Serpent.

Wolf Win 2009.01.22 04

Space Wolves 1st turn Movement:

Grey Hunters move in through trees. Dreadnought strides to the left to see the waveserpent, LSMM duck into cover, Rhinos both surge ahead, LSHB moves to the side a bit, Bikers roar forwards to cleanse the foul xenos with fire and sword:
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 05

Space Wolves 1st turn shooting:

Dreadnought takes out a Wave serpent with his TL-Autocannon, LSMM hit but fails to damage the other WS,Whirlwinds take out a couple of Dire Avengers, LSHB and Bikers take out all but one of the path finders.

Wolf Win 2009.01.22 06

Eldar 1st turn Movement:
WS moves to the right a bit, Warp Spiders jump forwards, Dire Avengers move forwards to hide cowardly behind ruins, WWs move to the side a bit, Waveserpent moves forwards and unloads it's complement of DAs.
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 07

Eldar 1st turn shooting:
Warp spiders cruelly disarmed and immobilised the LSMM, D-Cannons shot at the rhinos and either scattered or failed to penetrate, Wave Serpents failed to hurt the BC/Rhino, Pathfinder missed his one roll, War Walkers managed to kill the Rhino and the BCs disembarked, Dark Reapers took advantage and killed two brave pups and the Dire Avengers unleashed a bladestorm at the Blood Claw bikers which claimed three brave Space Wolves who went to the great hall of Russ to await the Wolftime.
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 08

Space Wolves 2nd turn Movement:
Dreadnought continues it's flanking movement, Grey hunters start getting out of the forest, Rhino surges ahead and pops it's smoke launchers, LSHB moves to the side of the rhino, Blood Claws move to take out the War Walkers/Pathfinders, Bikers roar over to the side and placing themselves very carefully for the assault coming up. And the brave wolf scouts make it onto the board.

Wolf Win 2009.01.22 09

My enemy in despair. Desperately trying to look up something sneaky that might save him from the Emperors mercy:
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 10

Space Wolves 2nd turn shooting:
Dreadnought shoots a couple of cowrdly Dire Avengers, Whirlwinds shoot up the D-Cannon crew, Warp Spiders and Dire Avengers, a few casualties and the D-Cannon crew are pinned, Bikers shoot at the Dire Avengersone or two go down, Wolf Scouts shoot at Eldrad.
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 11

Space Wolves 2nd turn assault:
The only assault at this point was the bikers who had been very very carefully positioned so the WolfGuard Battle Leader and Wolf Guard pack leader couldn't reach the dire avengers but only the Wave Serpent.
One biker goes down and one dire avenger is shown the emperors mercy, the WS looses it's bright Lance to a thunder hammer.
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 12
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 13

Eldar 2nd turn:
I forgot to take seperate shots for movement/shooting/assault here :-/
Warp spiders jump in front of the Dread nought and got 4 glancing hits :-O 3 ones and 1 six which was rerolled to a one or two. Pheew
The foul Warp spiders then jumped backwards hoping to get out of range of the Emperor's instrument of justice.
Wave Serpent with Dire Avengers moved ahead and unloaded the xenos.
The Dire Avengers and Warwalkers shot at my brave Land Speeders but the Emperor protects.
The lone pathfinder and Dark reapers combined to take out the rest of the Blood claws, leaving only the Wolf Priest.
The Bikers made the Dire Avengers flee like scared girls and consolidated to the left. Wolf Scouts took one wound off of Eldrad who failed to hurt the scouts.
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 14

Space Wolves 3rd turn Movement/shooting:
Grey Hunters pour out of the Rhino and heads toward the D-Cannons.
Dreadnought rolls on towards the Warp spiders and shoots a bit, Grey Hunters move out of the forest, LSHB rotate a little and devestate the Dire Avengers in front of them, Whirlwinds scatter wildly and do sweet FA, Bikers move close to the Walkers and shoot at them ineffectively.
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 15

Space Wolves 3rd turn assault:
WarWalkers get beaten on by two thunder hammers. One is immobilised and two blow up:
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 16Wolf Win 2009.01.22 19

Eldrad finally inflicts a wound and so does the wolf scouts:
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 17

Dreadnought assaults the Warp spiders who realise that they can't even hurt the damned thing :-D
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 18

Grey Hunters try to assault D-Cannon crew, but are too far away :-<
Wolf Win 2009.01.22 20

At this point the Eldar player gave up in despair...

I always end up with a unit of Grey hunter that screw around in some bushes and never do anything. I have no idea why :-/
I'm disappointed by the performance of the LSMM, but overall very please with the LS with 2xHB each.
All in all most things went to plan and I recovered well from the small hiccups I had...

I think I'll have to offer a 2000pts vs 3000pts game so he might have a chance...
Tags: battle report, space wolves vs eldar, warhammer 40k

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