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So long Windows 7...

It was a beautiful lovee affair while it lasted, but now I have been betrayed by those attempts at making home networking easier and simpler...
Even Windows 95 would've been easier to force into submission and get to access my NAS boxes...
Not to mention copying files. How the devil is it possible to screw something so simple up?
When I drag a bunch of files, whatever the hell possessed Microsoft to think that I want them to tell me whether there is space where I'm copying to? Morons!
They've even managed to break that wonderful little utility Robocopy. After Dragging and dropping became a joke in Vista (And Windows 7) it became a lifeline for anyone moving files around, but no, now that doesn't work properly either. Morons!

Sigh, if Ubuntu wasn't such a pig to get to work with two monitors, I'd give it a go, but it *is* an absolute swine, so back to XP I go...

Actually, here's a challenge for you OS communists. Suggest me a Linux distro that will happily run two monitors on a Nvidia 8800gtx card and a PNY Nvidia card on an out of the box install and I'll give give you little hippie commune a serious try...
Tags: annoyances, linux, windows 7
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