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Battle Report

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War
Space Wolves Go 1st
Points: 1750
Tuesday 19/05

Space Wolves: 1x VenDread-ML/TL-AutoCannon, 2xLand Speeder Tornados, 1xAttack bike-MM, 1xRune Priest+8Grey Hunters in Drop Pod, 1xWolfGuard Battle Leader+7xWGBGs (4 ACs/LC/PF+3LC/SS) in Drop Pod, 6 Scouts-Sniper Rifles, 6xGrey hunters in Rhino.

Slaanesh: 2xDaemon Princes, 1xGreater Daemon, 3xNoise Marine squads, 1xHavocs, 2x Vindicators, 2xObliterators, 4xTermies.

Initial deployments and turn 1:
1 Drop Pod with Rune Priest + 9 Grey Hunters go down behind the Daemon Prince on the left and scatters off the table. 1 on the mishap table, destroyed D:
Other Drop pod with Wolf Guard Battle Leader + 3 termies & 4 PA Wolf Guards come down behind two squads of Slaanesh marines.
Venerable Dreadnought with Missile Launcher and Twin-Linked Autocannon And Razorback with 6 Grey hunters deploy as far forwards as possible.

The rest of the Space Wolves enter the fray. 6 Scouts with Sniper Rifles, 2 Land speeders with Tornado launchers and an attack bike with a multi-melta:

The Termies shoot up the Slaanesh marines pretty badly and leaves one remaining marine...

Slaanesh player deploys. And in comes two Vindicators, another daemon prince (Dude on bike), some Havocs and a rhino with more Slaanesh marines:

A close up of the Vindies:

The termies get lashed together (I stupidly forgot about their Wolf Tail Talismans. ARGH) and then suffer two direct Vindicator hits:

The venerable dreadnought takes a glancing hit and is shaken for a turn.

Space Wolves Turn 2.
The lone remaining WG Termie and WG in PA shoot and charge one unit of slaanesh marines and destroy them.
The landspeeders immobilise one Vindi (The one closest to the board edge) and does sweet FA to the other one...
The scouts move into better position:

Slaanesh turn 2.
A greater daemon comes in and takes over one of the havocs. A unit of termies deep strike in. The rest of the chaos army surges ahead.
The remaining Wolf Guards get lashed in front of the Vindicator and one of them dies :-/

Space Wolves turn 3.
Attack bike with Multi-Melta drives up and destroys one Vindi. Venerable Dreadnought & Land speeders shoot at the Obliterators, but fail to do any damage.
The scouts shoot at termies, but all woulnds are saved :-/

Slaanesh turn 3.
Last Wolf Guard dies. Attack bike is killed. Rhino rumbles ever onwards and unleashes the Chaos Marines:

Space Wolves turn 4.
Grey Hunters exit the Rhino which moves forwards. Dreadnought moves back and landspeeders reposition themselves (Actually both should be pointing at the marines):

Focused fire quickly kills off the whole squad of chaos marines:

Slaanesh turn 4.
Everything surges ever onwards:

At this point we stopped the game.
From the first turn, it was painfully clear who would win since I effectively only had about half my army left (If that)...
It was still a good game as my opponent is a relaxed guy who is pleasant to play against.

He did also say that my dice rolls were appalingly poor :-/

Anyway, if I hadn't lost my Rune Priest the game would've been very different...
Hey ho, lesson learnt ^_^
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