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Space Wolves vs Eldar - Redemption...

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Length: 6 Turns
Space Wolves won roll to go 1st and nominated the Space Elves to go first
Points: 2000
Monday 26/05

Space Wolves: 1x VenDread-ML/TL-AutoCannon, 2x2xLand Speeder Tornados, 2xAttack bike-MM, 1xRune Priest(in TDA)+9Grey Hunters in Drop Pod, 1xWolfGuard Battle Leader+7xWGBGs (4 ACs/LC/PF+3LC/Combi-Flamers) in Drop Pod, 6 Scouts-Sniper Rifles, 7xGrey hunters in Razor Back.

Eldar: 2xJet Bikes, 6xHarlequins, 2xPrism Tanks, 1x Falcon, 10xDire Avengers+Exarch, 10 Striking Scorpions+exarch, 2x9xWarp spiders and 2 Autarchs.

Eldar Turn 1:
Player held everything in reserve. I didn't know he was going to do that, so it was pure luck I nominated him to go first, which took some of the sting out of that tail...

Space Wolf Turn 1:
My initial deployment had Grey Hunter front and slightly to the left behind weak cover with a razorback to shield them from the left. They weren't quite at the little wall, so I moved them the rest of the way with the Razorback following them.
The two Land Speeder squadrons both went flat out and swapped positions so I would get a cover save the next turn (This turned out to be a game winner for me). The Sniper scouts were hiding in the trees front and centre.
The two Attack Bikes moved up the centre while trying to stay reasonably covered.
My 'Sniper VenDread' stayed on his little hill, but moved forwards a little.
My two Drop Pods descended, and out came the Rune Priest + Grey Hunters on the left, and my Wolf Guard Battle Leader from the right. I knew this was a chance to take, but little did I know that everything would have Plasmafethinggrenades D:
My Rune Priest obviously cast Stormcaller every turn, but it was pointless...

Eldar Turn 2:
2 Prism Tanks come in and hide in the corner. A Falcon goes flat out to get halway down the board to the left.
1 unit of Warpspiders appear next to my Land Speeders. Herlequins ruck up in front of my Rune Priest and some bikers appear on the right:
Now, This is where I would say that my opponent made his first and biggest mistake. the Warp Spiders should have deepstruck in behind my dreadnought and taken it out.
As it was, one Land Speeder was shaken after they managed to save all 6 penetrating hits from the Warpspiders and one of the two glancing hits... Needless to say, they paid dearly for that mistake.
The harlequins attacked my RP + GHs and thanks to their Shadowseer struck first (Bastards). They wiped out 7 GH and my Rune Priest struck back and totally annihilated them. I thought my GH also got to kill some, but apparently not. I consolidated back a little.
One prism tank got a direct hit on my TDA WGBG but only one went into the Red Dream.

Space Wolves Turn 2:
And oh, how I retaliated... First the Grey Hunters fired on the Warpspiders... Then both Land Speeder squadrons fired their heavy bolters and krak missiles at them and poof, they were gone :-)
The Attack Bikes failed to hurt the Falcon, but such is life... The Emperor giveth, the Emperor taketh away...

Over on the right, the Wolf Guards turned around to shoot the Jet Bikers to pieces, and the dreadnought did the same...
And poof, they were gone ^_^
All in all, a pretty good turn for me, and my opponent felt bitterly the sting of an isolated unit poorly positioned.
And I saw how devastating 4 AssCannons in a Drop Pod can be :-D

Eldar Turn 3:
Now, things were hotting up. Dire Avengers with their Exarch\Autarch\whateverhewashediedliketheothereldardied came on the board right in front of my scouts whom they proceeded to Blade storm. 27 shots, and one guy went down :-/
Another unit of Bikers came in, and immidiately charged my RP+GHs and tore the RP apart. Fething bastard plasma grenades...
The GHs stood fast and attempted to avenge to RP, but to no avail. At least they didn't break.
The Falcon shot and killed one of my bikers as well. The Waveserpent full of Striking Scorpions announced itself by casually gliding in **right in front of my terminators** :-O
The loss of my RP didn#t surprise me at this point, but it was still pretty annoying.
I did not, however, expect the rest of the unit to stay standing and not break. That was pretty sweet. This is where my opponent made his other big big big mistake. The Waveserpent should totally have gone flat out... Very silly of him.

Space Wolves Turn 3:
I moved my remaining Land speeders in to see the Falcon/Prism Tank. My attack bike was moved over to shoot at the Waveserpent. The Venerable moved over to get a clear view of the Falcon as well. I was hoping I'd get to destroy the Waveserpent, so I moved the termies over as well.

And then I brought on the pain.
The attack bike with Multi-Melta blew up the waveserpent (Which killed a Dire Avenger Ha Ha) ^_^
The Dread, Wolf Guard termies and scout snipers all showed the foul xenos the emperors mercy leaving only their exarch still standing...
It was wonderful to behold...
The land speeders proceeded to shoot at but failed to kill the Falcon and Prism Tank on the left flank while one of the two remaining Grey Hunters that were fighting the bikers entered the Red Dream. Harald Lightfoot (He survived for so long he deserves a name), however, stood fast and defended his fallen comrades, knowing that re-inforcements were on the way and that the sons of Russ would be victorious against the Eldar menace.
Again, a fairly satisfying turn which showed the pitfall of keeping everything in reserve.
Yes, you can decide where you go if you have a highly mobile force, but if your amry comes on piecemeal, then your opponent can really focus fire and give you some pain...
I mean really, just see how lonely he looks:

Eldar Turn 4:
At this point the eldar player was seeing the end and decided to ram my razorback as his prism tank had been shaken anyway.
The falcon went flat out and the striking scorpions exarch ran towards my Attack Bike. At this point some more Warpspiders suddenly appeared next to my Grey Hunters:

Harald Lightfoot just kept on defending:
That guy is gonna be put aside for a really good paint job some day ^_^

The Warpspiders killed a Land Speeder and immobilised the other and then scooted away. The Striking Scorpion exarch charged the attack bike, but failed to kill it:

Not a good turn, but my brave grey hunter holding up those bikers did a great job.
In hindsight, my other GHs should've moved up and supported him :-/

Space Wolves Turn 4:
Dire Avengers got sent to slaanesh by the snipers and WG termies. The warpspiders were rapid fired on by the GHs and Harald Lightfoot remained strong in adversity...
The remaining land speeders shot at the Warpspiders and the prism tank taking some spiders out ^_^
The Striking Scorpions exarch finally killed the attack bike :-/
Not a great turn, but not a bad one either...

Eldar Turn 5:
Prism Tank went to the left flank and took out a Land speeder. Warpspider went behind the GHs, shot them and assaulted them. The Striking Scorpions exarch assauleted the scouts, and killed all but one who retreated.
The other prism tank took out another WGBG but not one of the termies... Finally, Harald Lightfoot bit the dust, but he had held up the xenos for long enough and his mauled body was later interred into one of the chapters' dreadnoughts...

Space Wolves turn 5:
The main thing here was the Wolf Guards moving up a little, and blowing the SS Exacrh away. The one remaining Land Speeder swooped over to shoot at the Prism Tank.
The Venerable Dreadnought took another weapon off of the falcon. At this point the dread had shot every turn and most of the weapons on the falcon were gone ^_^

Eldar turn 6:
Not a lot left to do fo the Eldar player. The spiders managed to slaughtr my remaining GH and consolidated upwards. The bikers moved down.

Space Wolves Turn 6:
Almost managed to wipe out the bikers but not quite:

And thus the game ended.

To put it succinctly, my opponent had a great plan, but executed it poorly due to a couple of bad reserve rolls, and the placment of the Warp Spiders.

My plan was executed fairly well, even though I hadn't realised that everything had fething plasma grenades so my rune priest's power was pointless and I should've gotten a wolf priest instead...
Tags: battle report, warhammer 40k, win

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