Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Khaine Lives...

Sometime ago my main machine (Khaine) failed me, and despite my best recitings of The Litany or Repair and entreating the Machine's Spirit to work faithfully again, it was to no avail.

I had come home and found that the heatsink had somehow come loose from the processor and my machine had turned itself off to prevent overheating and damaging the Machine Spirit beyond repair.

This weekend (About 2 months after the heatsink broke free) I have finally gotten around to buying some new thermal paste/glue and re-attached the heatsink properly.
The recalcitrant spirit has been soothed and the Litanies seems to have worked this time.

As I am thoroughly pissed off with Windows 7, I'm going to charter unexplored territory now.
When I get home I'll put Ubuntu on Khaine and give it a serious go this time.
My two main concerns are my dual-monitor setup which I never got to work last time I tried and remotely accessing my PC which I tend to do from work.

If I can't get dual-monitors to work, then I'll get pissed off as I really would like to avoid going back to Windows.
Remotely accessing my PC would be nice, but not as important...
The only other really important thing is whether there is a solitaire clone for Ubuntu. I suspect there will be :-D

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