Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
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And another thing about Windows 7...

And another thing that quite frankly pissed me off about Windows 7 was the way you couldn't right click an application and chose 'Move' anymore.
Sometimes an application would have it's titel bar a little bit outside the edge of the monitor and you wouldn't be able to drag it anywhere because of it.
Some applications would 'snap' back into the area covered by the monitor when you resized it, but mostly they didn't.
with previous editions of windows you could right click on the application on the taskbar and then chose 'move' when this happened so you could move it to where you could drag it around...
But Windows 7 knows best, and it knows that you don't need to drag your applications around. You'd have to be a fool and a communist to want to do that.
And while on the subject of the taskbar. In previous versions of Windows, MSN messenger would get minimised nicely to the system tray. but in Windows 7 you get a nice big box on your task bar which just doesn't go away. Argh!

I liked Windows 2000. It was great.
Windows XP SP1 improved on all the good stuff, and I was happy with that.
Vista 32bit always seemed lukewarm to me and I ditched it, but Vista 64bit rocked and I liked it despite it's few faults.
Those faults were then exacerbated a 1000fold in Windows 7.
It's almost as if Microsoft asked itself: Hey, let's find all the really fcking annoying and broken things in Windows Vista and run with them...
Lets see if we can make something so rubbish that even our loyal followers will be turned away by this piece of pusfilled shit'...

Even Nurgle couldn't make something this vile...
Tags: annoyances, reasons to switch, windows 7

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