Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Linux Day 8:

Ok, so far so good. I've managed to get most of the things I need sorted with the notable exceptions of World of Warcraft and VMWare.

World of Warcraft I can live without as I can just build a spare machine purely for the purpose of running WoW. That would be an annoyance, but nothing I can't live with...

Well, I have actually managed to install both WoW and the Burning Crusade expansion.

It's when trying to install the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, that it all falls down.
It starts fine, but I can't click on the Agree button when I get to the EULA, and obviously that's a pretty big stumbling block...

The really big problem is VMWare.
Getting this one to work is absolutely vital to the success of Operation Jaunty Jackalope.

It seemed to install fine using the instructions in the manual, but when running the app I'm presented with an error and the application fails to load :-/
I obviously can't remember the error of the top of my head, but nevermind, I shall look into this later and hopefully find a resolution.

I'm currently about to install VMWare on a virtual host to see if it does the same thing.

Other than that, I have happily discovered Krusader which is great for general filesystem work although I really need to get into a habit of using the shell a bit more.
I am currently using Evolution for mail, which is adequate, but it would be nice to get Outlook working under Wine
Tags: linux, problems, vista, vmware, wow

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