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Another battle Rport

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment type: Dawn of War

Space Wolves: Njal Stormcaller in TDA, 2x Lone wolf in TDA SS/TH, 3x 6xLong Fangs with MLs, 2x 10xGH with 2cPG 1xPF, 2x 5xGH with 1 flamer, 2x 3Swiftclaws +1Attack Bike 1xPF, 2xRazorbacks with TL-LCs.
Each Swiftclaw pack have a Wolf Guard with Combi-Melta/Frost Blade assigned assigned and one WG with with FrostAxe and Combi-Melta goes to my Grey Hunters.

Tyranids (cbr_paul):
1x Winged Hive Tyrant, 1x Shootyfex, 1 Zoanthrope, 20 or so Hormagaunts, 6x 10 or so Genestealers and 1 Broodlord with a 'stealer retinue.
I could be wrong on some of those as I don't know the tyranids too well...

The Board:
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12

I won the roll to setup so I chose the side with the sheep as I felt it gave me the best defensive options

My opponent kept everything in reserve and since I went first, I essentially had two turns to move and position myself.
As you can see, I fscked up my setup pretty badly:
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12
On each flank I had 3 Swift claws+WG+AB/MM and 10 Grey Hunters with 2 plasma guns and a Powerfist. I don't know why, but I apparently never learn that when playing against the bugs I must always Always! ALWAYS!!! stay at least 18" from either table edge. Instead I positioned my bikers and Grey Hunters as if I wanted them to be eaten. Dumb Dumb Dumb...
In the centre I had my three squads of Long Fangs with MLs, 2 Razorbacks with TL-LCs flanked by 5 Grey Hunters with a flamer. In front of them you'll notice two Lone Wolves with TH/SS just waiting for some hot sweaty Monstrous Creature action...
Njal is attached to the grey Hunters on the left flank of the Long fangs.

Tyranids turn 2:
As expected (After I realised the retardedness of my setup), a unit of Genestealers Come on from reserves and goes nomnomnom on my grey hunters on my right flank. They survive, hit back and avoid running away.
A zoanthrope and 20+ gaunts enter the middle table, as does a winged Tyrant which lands in front of them behind the middle ruin. On the left flank a ShootyFex appears.
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12

Space Wolves Turn 3:
The Bikers on the right flank move up to support their Brothers but they fail to destroy the foul xenos.
The long fangs fire plenty of frag missiles at the gaunts, and reap a fearsome tally despite their cover saves.
The Lone Wolves let loose a mighty howl, and head straight for the MCs...
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12

Tyranids Turn 3:
The hive tyrant leap into the air on it's mighty wings and rushes in to assault the centre Lone Wolf. The Emperor does not smile upon the Lone Wolf and he survives while the foul beast takes 2 wounds...
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12
On the right flank more genestealers appear and assault the beleaguered bikers/Grey hunters...
A brood lord + Genestealer retinue deep strikes into the crater in fron of the Long Fangs on the right while 2 squads of 'stealers appear on the left and wipe out the Grey hunters and bikers. Stupid...Stupid...STUPID!!! I really hope I've learnt my lesson this time... They are naturally all wiped out at this point...
The one shining moment is when the hive tyrant goes down to an, as yet, unscathed Lone Wolf...
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12
In the meanwhile, the other lone wolf has been assaulted by the remaining gaunts before he could assault the Shootyfex and another squad of Genestealers appear on the right flank hoping to get to the long fangs.
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12

Heroic Defenders of the Imperium Turn 4:
Things aren't looking good at this point. Althought the Grey hunters and Long Fangs massacre the Genestealers on the left, I am terribly close to being overrun on the right flank. The brood lords retinue takes a hammering, but too many are left standing.
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12

Tyranids Turn 4:
The brood lord is thankfully slowed by the difficult terrain, and only reaches the edge of the crater. Same thing happens to the genestealers on the right flank, while the stealers that wiped out the bikers/grey hunters on the right make their way towards the grey hunters.
THe lone wolf keeps killing gaunts, but not as quickly as I would've liked.
Another squad of Genestealers appear on the left flank.
Space Wolves vs Tyranids 2009.12.12

Space Wolves turn 5:
The lone wolf keeps killing gaunts, the long fangs shoot up the retinue of the brood lord and the stealers on the left.

Tyranids turn 5:
Brood lord assault the long fangs who swiftly kill him, the genestealers on the left are slowed by their own weight of numbers as the front squad is slowed by murderous hurricane from the previous turn.
The stealers on the right are slowed by both the terrain (Hurrah for sucky difficult terrain rolls) and the speed bump that used to be 5 grey hunters. Lone wolf keeps slugging away at the gaunts.

Space Wolves turn 6:
I manage to wipe out some of the Genestealer squads, but not enough. some are still threatening me on both flanks.
Lone Wolf is still killing gaunts at this point...

Tyranids turn 6:
Njal + Grey Hunters are assaulted by the remaining genestealers and are forced to run away. HA HA I say, I have a re-roll and promptly roll 11 a second time :-O
And of course they run off the board >_<
My right most long fangs are assaulted and wiped out.

And the game ends with a 9-9 draw.

So, what have we learnt from this? Well, I screwed up my deployment pretty badly, so I really deserved to lose. I'm happy it became a draw, that was better than I deeserved after such a poor deployment.

Other than that, I don't think either of us made any glaring mistakes. I have seen the effectiveness of Njal in slowing down enemies (I really must make notes of what he casts and when) and the skill with which Lone Wolves takes down MCs...

Thoughts/comments? (Other than comments regarding the unpaintedness of my army :-p)
Tags: battle report, warhammer 40k

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