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So much for Linux... Back to Windows...

Linux day 35. My will to go on has finally been sapped to the point where I'm going to stop struggling and return to a proper OS that has been tried and tested.

Why is this?

This is why:

Internal Drives aren't auto-mounted. Yes I can mount them myself, but they should be automatically mounted.

Diskname comprised of Random letters/numbers. Why does the patch to my files on my internal HD have a stupidly long string of numbers in it? Madness!

No built-in file sharing ability. Seriously? That's just pathetic...
Have to create new users to share to instead of using built in groups/users. And when I find and install a seperate program to do this I then have to create new users because it can't use the groups/users I create on the machine.
No granular permissioning. Of course you can't set granular permissions in the program you just downloaded and installed. That would be too non-retarded. You have to set them in the file system. Assigning users the filesharing program couldn't use in the first place.
Really, what kind of retard came up with this? And of course you can't just set the permissions from the properties for teh file/folders. Again, that would be far too non-retarded.
After all, why make something simple and straight forwards when you can make it complicated and difficult to achieve for no better reason than the fact that you clearly hate other people.

No right drag. In a modern operating system? Really? I despair.

Can't run more than about 3 apps at a time. My system can't anyway. and this is on a modern 64bit system with 8gb RAM.

Can't run more than 3 VMs at a time. On 'that other OS' I can cheerfully run upwards of 10 or so, although admittedly, it starts to struggle then.

No modern e-mail client. Ok, there is Thunderbird maybe, but that feels like being back in the '90s with it's clunkiness.

Can't play WoW and every guide I managed to find was either outdated or just wrong.

Apps crashing / non-responsive. Leave an app running for a a few hours and this happens. Never had that problem on 'that other OS'...

Rarely any installation instructions. It's easy to find websties gushing over this or that program but there seems to be no instructions on how to install most things.
And when there is, they are out of date or just wrong. For example, good luck finding instructions to install Enlightenment that aren't either from 2007 or earlier or which are just wrong.

Anyway, this coming weekend will see my return to Windows 7 on my desktop. Once again we see that no, Linux is definitely not ready for the desktop yet...
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