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Back to the gym...

So, my first trip back to the gym since before Leipzig was this Saturday just gone. I expected to be in agony for some time… :-D
And I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't until Wednesday the soreness subsided. Mmmmm...

I have trained my back really hard and very well for some time, but my chest is lagging behind quite badly, so I have decided to focus with laser like precision on my chest for the next two months.

I’ll do two chest workouts every 6-7 days, one ‘light’ with high reps and one heavy with 5-8 reps. I’m looking quite forwards to seeing how that will work out for me.
Hopefully my left shoulder won't give out like it sometimes does -_-

The ‘light’ workouts should also see me doing all the good bodyweight exercises I don’t always do ^_^


Well, it’s a journey rather than a destination, so I’ll just try to concentrate on a healthy and active lifestyle which is what has helped me make my back resemble a map of a mountain range rather than a flat and barren desert ;-)

Now it’s time to give my chest the same treatment.

Tonight, however, it's time to really brutalise my arms and hopefully my shoulders.
The goal as always is to get bigger and better and stronger and faster!
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