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Virgin Media Letter of complaint...

I recently had reason to send this to Virgin and thought I'd share:
Dear Sirs,

I am writing to complain about the utterly atrocious, but faithful to your reputation, service, that I have been on the receiving end of, from yourselves.

In June I placed an order for your fibre internet service and was given the date 19th of July as the date you would come and install the service.

I was then contacted by your wayleave team on the 30th of June asking me for details of my house and landlord so they could gain permission to install the cable and access to the property.

On the 4th of July I replied with the required information and the following day I received a confirmation e-mail assuring me that this was now being worked on.
The references I was given were as follows:
WMS Number:
Customer Address:
Customer Postcode:

Now, because Virgin has a well deserved reputation ineptuous asshattery and general incompetence, I didn't actually trust you to have gotten your thumb out of your collective arses and done anything other than sit around and play with yourselves, so on the 14th of july I called up your customer services to check what the progress was.

I am sure you can imagine my complete lack of surprise when I was told that your wayleave team had done sweet fuck all and no one was booked to come out and install the service.

Since then I have called up another couple of times and spoken with pleasant but utterly incompetent muggles and had a e-mail conversation with the feckless retards in your wayleave team.
This conversation is stapled to this complaint.

At this point I came to suspect that you are taking part in a wellmeaning, but unfortunate, 'Care in the Community' scheme where you ferry in the local half-wits to do menial work that require a whole new level of ineptitude which only an imbecile can achieve.
While a salute your support of the local community, I think it is unfair of you to deprive so many villages of their idiot.

My latest setback in the ongoing struggle to claw my way out of the technological dark ages and get internet access is your wayleave team saying:
On Wed 03/08/11 16:35 , "Residential Wayleave" residentialwayleave@virginmedia.co.uk sent:

Hello Lars,

I have had confirmation from the escalation team that you will be contacted today regarding cabling your property.

Kind Regards,
The Virgin Media Wayleave Team.

I am sure that you, dear reader, will be just as shocked as I was to learn that once again the cretins working for you were lying to me.
I'm not sure why I thought, even for the briefest of moments, that this time might be different, but I did.
Truly hope is but the first step on the road to disappointment.
Today is Friday 5th of August and neither I nor my landlord has been contacted by your wayleave team or anyone wanting to come and install your service.

So, I have come to the following conclusions:
1) It would probably be easier and less painful for me to move house to get an internet connection, than to wait for Virgin to send some bungling incompetent out to install the cales. I suspect he/she would probably get it wrong anyway.

2) Virgin is actually a cleverly concealed stress simulator where you don't really provide services, you just torment the foolish with vague promises of internet connectivity.

3) Virgin does not actually want my custom nor my money. If that is the case, please say so and I will go elsewhere.

4) Virgin should change its name give that it really is quite fucked.

So, before I start writing my complaint to Ofcom, I would like to ask you if you could give me just one single good reason why I should continue the process to become a customer of yours?

No regards at all,
Lars Petersson

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