Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

My new gym routine...

So, my new routine. Fresh after a few weeks of not going to the gym...

Day 1 - Quad / Back
Leg Extensions
Leg Press
Barbell Rows
Barbell Rows Reverse Grip
:Wide pulldowns
:Behind Neck Pull downs
:Reverse Grip Pull downs
Roman Chair extensions
'Superman' extensions

Day 2 - Chest / Biceps
Bench Press
Chest dips
Cable cross chest
Incline Cable Flyes
:Bench Press
:EZ Bar curls
:Dumb bell hammer curls
:Push ups
Cable curls low
Cable curls high

Day 3 - Triceps / Shoulder / Traps
Triceps Benchpress
Rope Pull downs
Rope Overhead Push
V Handle Pushdown
:Dumb bell shoulder press
:Dumb bell shrug
:EZ bar rows
:Barbell shrugs
Dumb bell side raise (Bent elbows)
Dumb bell front raise (Hammer grip)

Day 3 Hamstrings / Calves / Forearms
I haven't decided on the exercises for this yet.

Also, I do abs during each workout but I hit them differently.
Meaning: Day 1 I might hit upper abs, day 2 lower abs, day 3 the obliques and so on.

Each of these sessions take almost exactly one hour and if something I want to use is taken, then I grab something that is as close to it as possible...
Forexample, Chest Press machine if there are no benches for bench pressing, or hack squat machine instead of leg press.

I will keep to this routine for a month and see where it takes me.

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