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Last night while having my little 'changing rooms' phase I suddenly got a text from my boss asking me to do his 8am start for him. I kinda expected it as I knew he was gonna get slaughtered, but still..... At 2:40 in the morning? Nevermind........
I didn't manage to get up on time anyway, but I'm still gonna fuck off sometime around 16:00.
I am so tired now. Fortunately though, it means that I can do it at anytime myself if needed >:]

It's also funny how going through your old letters, postcards and other memorabilia brings out the contemplative mood ine me. I have been thinking about a lot of things recently anyway, but last night I even re-discovered my old kibbutz book.
When I was in Israel in '96, I met a lot of truly lovely people (And a particularly lovely Swedish girl :)). Whenever someone left, everyone would usually write little things in which ever journal or notebook that person had. Because we knew that we would probably never see eachother again, people usually wrote the truth as they saw it. It was quite touching reading that again.
I also found some old letters from someone........ That got me thinking how sad it is that it's so easy to loose touch with people that might have touched your life to sich a large extent that your entire outlook and perspective has been changed by that chance encounter.
Funny that. It also put a stop to my efforts as I was suddenly held in a pretty firm grip of melancholy. I'm also wondering whether the same fate will befall me when I finally manage to get out of scummy scallyville (aka Liverpool). I hope not, but I can easily imaagine it. When I look at the amount of people I have considered friends, and look at how many of them I have lost touch with, it hardly paints a rosy picture :-/

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