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Anyway, last Sunday went quietly without too much fuss and I got to work characteristically late and got up for work rather late on for work Monday as per usual.

Tuesday, nowt happened.

Wednesday I managed to be 3 hours late for work which was rather unusual even for me. As my boss said, no one noticed ;)
It think that's a sign that neither of us do much work. Went for a drink with nailbug and later went to Realms of Darkness at The Boot Hill saloon.

It was unusually well attended and the tunes were great.
Met up with Tags, lee_c_rip, Gaynor, Nicky and Mike.
I also met karia8 at last.

Sadly Tags, lee_c_rip and Mike left early.
Especially unfortunate as it got better as the night progressed. So I would say that lee_c_rip was wrong in his assessment of the night.

Then I took a cab home and slept soundly...

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