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Home-Force is me :)

Wheeeee, I have managed to set up my computers properly and it looks great. There's virtually no unsightly cables to be seen. Also, due to my new re-arrangements I now have good access to windows which were previously blocked and I should get a lot more natural light now.
But best of all: My tv has now been moved so the sun doesn't shine on it and ruin Buffy for me every Thursday :)

It's also a bit of a funny co-incidense that after my previous post about old friends, an former work colleague and I got in touch and have decided to go out for some ale in Manchester soon. We'll be dragging another cool ex-colleague with us and possibly a few others.
Most excellent.

Apart from all of that, my day has been fairly hum-drum. I left work at 16:15 and noticed that my boss never even even said thanks for me covering for him this morning. Hmmmm, so much for him getting any more favours like that....... Grrrr

Ho-hum, I'm off to enjoy some herbal relaxation and then the sweet embrace of Morpheus.

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