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Got up and went to Camden with Pete and met up with Anke. Went looking for a corset from Fairy Goth Mother for Anke. After trying on a couple of outfits she decided to order one custom made from their website.
I gave up on trying to get replacement bits for my New Rocks as they only had one type of metal bit which would fit, and I just couldn't be bothered as it would probably break off after a short while.
If I ever consider buying another pair of New Rocks, please bitchslap me and remind me of all the hassle I've had with my current pair...

Afterwards we went for a bite to eat at some Italian type place.
Garlic bread with cheese and calamari rings make an excellent afternoon snack.

Unfortunately Thomas weren't up for The Intrepid Fox and Rachel was still a bit ill and hungover so her and Andy weren't up for going out, so Pete and I went back to Anke and Olivers place for a bit to drink and smoke.

All in all quite a good relaxing day.
Tags: new rocks, shopping

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