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The Living With Michael Jackson Drinking Game didn't happen due to Pete chickening out, but afterwards the three of us decided to take the 500 question purity test and had a shot each time we finished a section.
The scores were as follows:
Peter the Pure 63,6%
Camilla the Calm 52,6
Lars the Lecherous 43,6 (I expect to lower my score in the near future...)

That was fun ;)

Then we decided to watch Scream and figured out some rules for a drinking game for that:
1 Each time someone is killed
2 Dewey demands respect
3 Blatant movie scene rip-off
4 Someone's about to have sex
5 The Killer calls

Good fun....
And two bottles of tequila later we're singing out loud to Guns 'n Roses
Rawk on
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