Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Today has been good.
Slept till about 11, had breakfast, and dossed around till Camillas bf came to say hi before going to Copenhagen. He seems a bit to clean-cut for her, but he seemed like a nice guy.
Went to town to stock up for tonight and decided to have a scream night and so got Scream 2 & 3, a bottle of red wine for me and some other stuff for the others.

Pete got his Tax return and Camilla got some freelance work for next week, so Copenhagen seems like it's gonna happen on Friday.

Tomorrow we'll be going to my hometown, Holstebro, to see my dad and go to a draft beer party. a full hour where you can drink as much beer as you can for free.
I expect to be fairly wrecked.
This also means that I won't have any sort of internet connection for a few days...

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