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Some random musings

And recollections from my holiday.

Gave my friend Andy a nice 15" TFT screen because I felt like it.

Discovered that the bar in my hometown where I practically grew is closing, and by pure co-incidence I managed to catch the last ever draftbeer party. A draft beer party is when you pay £5 and can then drink as much draft lager as you want to for two hours. And good Danish beer it is too.

Realised that Denmark might be cheap for cigarettes, but expensive for drinks. £6 for a JD and Coke is not good.
But, £3 for a pack of twenty cigs is good.

Spoke to kazina briefly. She has a remarkably nice voice. She ought to consider singing as a career option.

My friend Esben has hardly changed in the 10 years I've known him. And neither has Camilla, Pete, Anke, Andy, Rachel, Oliver and Thomas.

I'll probably put more random stuff up, as and when I remember it....

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