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DareDevil review

Just a short one though.
Went to see it last night with nailbug, and it wasn't too bad. could have been better though.
I didn't like the way DareDevils radar sense seemed to work, although I guess it was the best they could do to make it cinematically viewable.
Kingpin wasn't as invincible as he should've been, and Bulls-eye was badly in need of a costume.
Apart from that it was good though.

My favorite part though was the trailers. I got to see the X-Men 2 trailer, and christ it looks good. It has Nightcrawler, Shadowcat (My all-time favorite), Colossus, Lady Deathstrike, Pyro and a few others in it in addition to the ones from the first one.
And Nightcrawlers teleportation trick looks very well done.
I am sooo looking forwards to May 1st now.

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