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This is the day, This is the hour, This is my lunch

Hey, Viking guy
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Klingon function calls do not have 'parameters' - they have 'arguments' -- and they ALWAYS WIN THEM

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716340, \mm/, a destiny with choices, aesthetic piercings, age of reckoning, aspiring to self-improvement, asskicking medieval women, astrobiology, avoiding stupid people, being annoyingly cheerful, being contrarian, big black boots, big colourful explosions, biomechanoids, biotech, body building, caffeine, cats, cluebats, complete world domination, computers that work properly, cookery, crushing defeat, curry, cybernetics, darkwave, darwinism in action, denmark, dis-organising my mp3s, europa, extreme happiness, feeling good about myself, festivals, films, fitness, flashy things, food, forgetting important stuff, friends, fucking up my life, garlic, genetics, germany, gigs, girls!, good food, grand scheme of things, happy people, hawt women, healthy food, history, hoarding rubbish, hugs, i, industrial, intelligence, invading poland, jomsvikings, klingons, languages, life, lifting, linguistics, living!, london, long walks around london, martial arts, me, mera luna, moonlight, motorbikes, muscles, music, musical melancholy, my grand master plan, my hidden agenda, myself, naked oil wrestling, neo-folk, nice people, nietzscheans, non-fascist neofolk, non-pikey people, overwhelming victory, passion, philosophy, pillaging, pissing my life away, playing devils advocate, power, preparing for zombie invasions, pretending to learn german, pro plus, pumping iron, punishing good deeds, pvp, religion, remembering trivial shit, scandinavia, sci-fi, sleeping, sobriety, spelling my interests correctly, staying up late, steampunk, stompy boots of doom, strong women, stuff that doesn't suck, superiority, sword play, tactical assault mammals, technology, the age of reckoning, the iron game, the post-apocalypse, the war against sleep, the war inside, trampling the masses, transhumanism, travelling, turning catastrophe into possibility, unconditional surrender, united scandinavian nations, victory!, viking warzones, wacken, warcrack, warhammer, warhammer online, wielding industrial might, world conquest, world of warcraft, , , ,