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Ice Bear

Some gym stuff...

I am a big believer in supplements to make you faster, bigger, stronger, better!
Currently I'm taking a break from the supps (cycling is supposedly recommended ;)), but I still take Maximuscle Cyclone before and after training.
I have started taking Isatori H-Blocker & PWR before working out and Isatori 3-XL after weight training now.

I haven't used those three products in a while, so I am looking very much forwards to seeing if there will be any noticeable differences.
I first used these products a few years ago, 2009 I think, and I did notice a considerable change in musclemass, so I am looking forwards to seeing how things go.

Interestingly, I've been using it Monday-Wednesday, and my workouts have been totally immense. To the point where yesterday, I felt like I was sore all over from stiff muscles and DOMS. I went towards the gym, but felt too tired and sore to go, and I had a fair bit of stuff to do before heading off to Berlin tonight.
the interesting thing here is that I did take the above supplements before leaving work, and by the time I got home, all muscle soreness was gone. Very interesting.
It did return later, but it appears that either H-Blocker, PWR or the combination of them removes DOMS for a period...
I shall have to investigate further.